Thursday, September 26, 2013

E-Cigarette Business, Interview with Sean (The Vapor Bar) @ Thousand Oaks,CA

E-cigarette Business

The natural ingredients found in the electronic cigarette turned to be a healthy replacement of cigarette. This increased the demand for more new models, accessories, and flavors and boomed the e-cigarette business in the United States.

As we can see now, there are too many vapor shops that are specialized only in selling vapor products, accessories and flavors. So we decided to visit one of the best specialized vapor shops in the United States, it’s called The Vapor Bar in thousand oaks, CA.

We found that it’s a very comfortable place, it contains a bar full of vapor mods and a stand filled with more than 300 e-liquid flavors.  So each customer can try any model of vaporizer, choose, test, and mix any flavor. This service allows the customer to decide the best flavor that suits him to buy.

I interviewed Sean, the shop manager, to know more about this cigarette alternative. He said: “We had e-cigarette in our shop since 2004, we had about 4 models, and we did sell a small quantity of it. But it wasn’t a good cigarette replacement. In 2012 and with the release of new models, natural ingredients and flavors and especially with the nicotine level that can be adjusted to the customer needs, the customers began to replace their traditional cigarette with this electronic one. The demand increased in a surprising way so we had to increase our supply and offer a variety of products to our customers.”

As a conclusion, the traditional cigarette is not a good habit for our health, and we were offered a natural and healthier alternative. So I think e-cigarette is the right choice for smokers and we should ask ourselves “why we will still use the traditional one?”
Sarah J.
Daily Life Magazine

Thank you Miss Sarah for the interview at our shop.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Pictures of Vapor Bar Store

Vapor Bar 
is one of the best wholesale and retail store in ventura county.

You may find all vapor products, vaporizers, batteries, e-go, chargers, atomizers, cartomizers, e-cig and all related products.

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Switching to Vapor and Vapor Benefits

According to eversmoke website

In order for someone to switch brands or consider alternatives, they need to clearly see the benefits of the new approach. E-cigarettes are no different.
Many, if not the vast majority of those interested in electronic smoking, are current smokers. Chances are you’re one of them – searching for an alternative but wanting to understand the benefits of switching from your current brand.
E-cigarettes are indeed an alternative to traditional cigarettes. They’re a suitable alternative for many because of the benefits they have over “smoking.”
We invite you to continue reading for 5 of the leading benefits electronic smoking has over traditional cigarettes…these benefits were discovered from customer feedback as well as numerous scientific studies examining both traditional and e-cigarettes.

Reason #1 – E-cigarettes do NOT have that distinctive odor

Just about anyone knows – cigarettes smell!! It’s their hallmark.
Scent from cigarette smoke gets into, and clings, to just about anything it comes in contact with – hair, clothes, your car – anything. Not only does the odor cling, many consider cigarette smell offensive and avoid close contact. If you’re a smoker, you don’t notice it so much since you’re immersed in it all of the time. To non-smokers, and especially ex-smokers, this smell is very noticeable.
One reason cigarette smoke smells so bad is because you’re burning tar and chemicals in addition to the tobacco itself. Properties from burning these substances make them cling to clothing, hair, walls, furniture, etc.
E-cigarettes on the other hand do not have this ominous odor because instead of exhaling smoke, you’re exhaling a vapor that evaporates almost immediately. Customers and non-smokers/vapers report the smell from an e-cigarette to be either nonexistent or reminiscent of cotton candy or even pop tarts!!
Whatever it is, e-cigarettes certainly smell a whole lot better than traditional cigarettes.

Reason #2 – Electronic smoking is MUCH cheaper than traditional cigarettes

If you’re a smoker reading this, you can certainly relate to this point – cigarettes are expensive these days.
In 1980, you could buy a good quality pack of cigarettes for $1. By the 90s, the cost had risen to $2, on average. Today, a good quality pack of cigarettes will cost you anywhere from $7 to $12 depending on which state you’re in.
Some of this increase in cost can be attributed to regular inflation or rising prices of production (tobacco) and even distribution (fuel).
Taxes however play a big role too. In 2009 for example, the federal tax was raised from $0.39 to $1.01 per pack. Add state taxes, which vary, and taxes end being around 20% of the cost of a pack of traditional cigarettes.
Between all of this, a pack-a-day smoker can spend upwards of $300 each month! And this doesn’t include the cost of other incidentals such as lighters, ash trays and much more.
E-cigarettes do not share this dilemma. While some of the entry costs of a starter kit may be a little bit higher, the month-to-month cost of electronic smoking is typically about half when compared to traditional cigarettes. Cartomizers and batteries constitute the bulk of this expense, which can range anywhere between $20 and $40 depending on how much you vape.
Currently, e-cigarettes are not subject to any sort of taxes like traditional smokes are. Also, as the technology develops and becomes more mainstream, the cost will continue to decline (…think cell phones, DVD players, etc.).

Reason #3 – E-cigarettes are much safer

Since you’re “burning” tobacco, not to mention using an open flame to light it, traditional cigarettes by default pose serious fire hazards. Cigarettes are in fact the #1 cause of fire-related death in the United States and 7 other countries. Worldwide, fires started by lit cigarettes constitute 10% of all fire-related deaths.
With e-cigarettes, you’re not burning an open flame and don’t have a hot cherry that can burn you, your clothes, your furniture, and so on.
There was an incident where an e-cigarette exploded in the user’s face in early 2012. It was determined though that the particular unit the person was using was a “mod,” which is a way vapers can alter their devices for more power that involves stacking the batteries. When used as intended, there have been no reports of an e-cigarette exploding.

Reason #4 – Health

While we can’t make the claim that e-cigarettes are healthier, we can point out how traditional cigarettes are harmful to your health.
You don’t have to take our word for it – there are countless studies out there showing how smoking traditional cigarettes can put you at a higher risk of a whole host of conditions, including (but not limited to) – stroke, heart attack, lung cancer, throat cancer, pneumonia, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, and countless others.
Traditional cigarettes contain a litany of chemicals as well, many of which are considered carcinogenic, or cancer causing.
Many of our customers have reported feeling better physically after switching to electronic smoking.

Reason #5 – Social

Last but not least are the social impacts of traditional cigarettes, which is in a way related to reasons one through four. Over the years, smoking has increasingly been viewed negatively by society at-large for a variety of reasons.
The smell, the health consequences, and even the healthcare costs all combine to give traditional cigarettes a bad name these days. If you’re a smoker, you’ve certainly noticed an increasing amount of restrictions around where you can light up, even at private parties where the host is a nonsmoker.
Also, traditional cigarettes can have impacts on your social life, literally. Take dating for an example - it’s pretty rare for a nonsmoker to be with a smoker. Also, smoking can also impact job prospects since more employers are taking a more critical eye toward traditional cigarettes.
As you can see, e-cigarettes and electronic smoking carry many benefits over traditional smoking. Many have discovered how they can still enjoy smoking and get the nicotine they crave without using methods that are increasingly seen as intrusive and irresponsible.
To have a hands on these products your welcome to visit our store "The Vapor Bar" in Thousand Oaks California. So you can test a vaporizer, flavors, and everything you need.